About The Page

Hello, I created this site after careful research using various resources to help people who want to learn about education. I hope it will be a useful site that you can use in your work. For any part that you do not understand fully, you can contact me from the Contact Us section.

The content of the page includes 3 main topics and 2 extra course materials. I have prepared this page using my own domain by using various sources.

About The Author

Hello, my name is Sezin Sevimli. I have lived in different cities of Turkey since my childhood, but I am currently residing in Aydın.

I can say that my favorite thing is debating. When I was in high school, I attended Erasmus with my debating group, and I spent the best moments of my life there. It really feels good to talk about specific topics and get other people’s opinions.

I love nature. I take a lot of photos, but I can say that none of them are professional. The moment I see greenery, I take a few pictures right away. Green is truly one of the most beautiful colors. It reminds people of nature and gives peace. I have sweet tiny green plants; I love taking care of them. I’m a total dog person; I hope to have a turtle or a dog in the future.